Bags and Cartridges

As professional installers of bags, when they do not fit or if they fail quickly, we are the ones that have to take the immediate responsibility

Matching the needs of the process together with the correct sizing of the bag to the dust collector are factors we always consider

We understand that every manufacture of dust collectors has their own unique filter bag requirements

Torit Style Cartridge
Torit Style Cartridge
Flexkleen Style Cartridge
Flexkleen Style Cartridge
Fabric filter bag
Fabric filter bag

Frost can supply most filters as an after-market purchase

In some rare instances, particularly for cartridges, we recognize that the OEM filter is critical to the performance of a system.

In these cases, we encourage the customer to purchase the premium cost filters from the manufacturer

Cages used in continuous cleaning systems vary in:

  • Shape (flat; oval; round; star)
  • Top connection (split; split with an extra wire; J-top; J-top with holes; etc)
  • Length; diameter; flat/oval circumference)
  • # of vertical wires based on required circumference
  • # of horizontal wires based on extra strength required
  • Wire gauge (thickness) based on extra strength required
  • # of pieces: 24’ long cages are often 3 separate pieces

The bags are then designed to suit the cages:

  • “soft” tops for tighter sealing around the venturiis on bottom access systems
  • Tighter diameter fitting on certain high temperature fabrics
  • Flared tops for tight cage/venturi designs
  • Selected fabric thickness to cover the snap bands to allow for a tight cell plate fit and ease of cage installation
  • Wear patches for bag to bag, inlet wear and multiple-cage connections
  • Special pre-cut gaskets for envelope filters to minimize dust leakage
  • And the list goes on

Shaker Filterbag

For shaker systems we see similar considerations for the bag fit:

Shaker Filterbag
Shaker Filterbag
  • Top shaker connections
  • Cell plate or thimble fit
  • Correct bag sizing to suit the mechanical shaking needs of the dust collector model:

-In some models a “stretchy” bag has to be used due to excess tolerances in the dust collector manufacturing

-The “stretchy” bag usually has good airflow and filtration properties so it is often a positive trade off

The filter media selection is critical to all makes and models of dust collectors. Obvious factors include:
Physical and chemical nature of the product being collected