Mechanical Repairs

Filter Bag Cleaning Systems

The effective operation of the filter bag cleaning system is the key to a long bag life and maximizing the system airflow.

Frost Emission services pulse, shaker, reverse –air and most combinations of these 3 styles

We stock/supply or manufacture most parts for:

Pulse systems Solenoids; diaphragms; timer boards; Photohelics; Magnehelic
Shaker systems Shaker ArmsBars; arms; pins; bushings; bearings;
Reverse-air systems Springs; connectors; bushings; drives;

Services include both emergency and planned repairs/replacement


A dust collection system needs to be sealed to prevent air losses and moisture entering the system:

Air losses reduce the necessary airflow at the process capture point
Moisture can lead to excess coating of the filters and plugging of the dust handling system

Frost can provide extensive welding or minor sheet metal repairs as needed

Typical housing leaks include:
Door seals:
We can select, supply and install the right gasket as needed for your make/model of system based on your process parameters

Housing Gaskets:
Housing Leak Leaks in the housing body can generally be siliconed. This can also apply to temporary leaks for duct and other connections like rotary valves or screw conveyor covers

Ideally and where practical, proper gaskets should be installed

Services include both emergency and planned repairs/replacement

Exhaust Fans

Most exhaust fans fail due to a lack of scheduled maintenance

The main areas that we see on a regular basis include:

  1. Dust on the blades causing imbalance
  2. Impeller wear(Including broken welds; missing weights)
  3. Fan belt and sheave wear
  4. Worn or incorrectly lubricated bearings

Frost recognizes these issues and includes these as a part of the comprehensive inspection program that we perform for customers.

Frost will service, replace, supply and repair:

Most fans require an OEM component. If yours is beyond repair, we can help source a new one for you

Fan Balancing:
After repairing a cracked or damaged fan impeller, if needed, we can help you locate a professional fan balancing company to make sure the fan runs smoothly again

Experience has shown that excess lubrication is just as damaging to a bearing as under-lubricating. We can supply/install auto-lubricators

New bearings should be of a high quality in order to meet the performance needs of the system. We can supply and install these for you

Splits/hole in the housing can have many causes. Frost will repair any damage and locate the root problem/s to prevent future damage

Covers (guarding); belts and sheaves

Inlet/outlet expansion joints to help decrease air losses and the transmission of system vibration

inlet and outlet silencers to help you meet your sound level requirements

Exhaust Fan

Services include both emergency and planned repairs/replacement

Dust Handling Components

For most dust collector designs, the hopper of a dust collector is not for “dust-storage”.

The hopper is used a deceleration/separation chamber for the incoming dust laden air. We need to knock out the heavy dust particles from the light and this is where the primary separation occurs.

screw conveyors Rotary Valve Rotary Valve Conveyor Drives and Sprockets
Drag Conveyors Chains; drives; bearings; scraper blades
Double-dump Valves Cylinders; plates; housing; weighted arms; bearings
Drum Discharges Drums; connector socks; clamps
Rotary Valves Bearings; blades; drives; chains; belts; guards
Screw Conveyors Drives; housing; augers; bearings; shafts; guards

In some instances, there is a cyclone or drop-out box ahead of the dust collector that helps in this process.

Several processes (particularly in the woodworking industry) use massive hoppers as both knock-out and dust storage.

“Our experience has shown that the #1 destroyer of filterbags in a dust collector is a continuously full hopper”

To remove product from the hopper on a continuous basis is critical to the majority of dust collectors; as a result, the dust handling equipment must operate as needed and not allow outside (tramp) air to enter the hopper and disturb the knocked-out settled dust.

We understand the importance of mechanically sound components. Frost will service, replace, supply and repair.

Services include both emergency and planned repairs/replacement.