Proposed Modifications

Inventory the Process

Dust collection always begins with the process.
Understanding how dust particles are generated is the 1st round in determining possible modifications.

We first determine (inventory) the

  • Hood design necessary to “contain” or “control” the generated particulate

  • Required airflow to capture all fugitive emissions based on the hood design

  • Total required airflow and static (vacuum) pressure for all pick-ups

Next, we look at the:

Airflow Test
  • Existing duct design
  • Design and effectiveness of the baghouse/s
  • The exhaust fan performance and capabilities

Based on the above information, we can then determine a Plan of Action

This can be as simple as: Airflow Test
  • Speeding up or slowing down the fan
  • Changing the style of filterbags
  • Reworking a few hoods
  • Shutting off or opening up various blast (slide) gates or dampers

Much more dramatic changes might include:

  • Complete reworking of ducts and hoods
  • Replacement of the fan or dust collector

From Frost’s point of view, we want to offer you choices. Choices are based on knowing:

  • What you have
  • What you need
  • What you can do

We often say that 1-year capital projects can be made 3-years long if practical. This helps in allocating and obtaining funds.