System Performance Review

Dust collector systems often have a specific purpose and goal when first purchased and installed.

At some point this can change.
Machines are added, removed or relocated. Eventually the original system no longer resembles the one now operating.

Airflow and performance efficiency and effectiveness are lost as new ducts are added and old ducts removed.



At Frost Emission,
we focus on reviewing, analyzing and rehabilitating baghouse ventilation systems with the intention of minimizing capital expenditure.

The review includes:

    • An inventory of all process pick-up points (design and use)
    • An assessment of the overall airflow needed and airflow available
    • A plan of action based on your needs and operation

We Provide

We can provide a workable roadmap to bring the system back to life (where possible); as an additional service, we can also perform the retrofit of the system with our in-house Sheet Metal and Mechanical Group.

In-house Sheet Metal and Mechanical Group